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A Walk in The Park Creating rich, irresistible More...
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Railway Portraits Volume 4: The lastest volume of this More...
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WriteLight is a boutique Australian publisher specialising in books about photography and photographers. We are the publishers of the Contemporary Photographer: Australia series– a series of monographs of photographers who have made a significant and life-long contribution to photography in Australia. While some of the subjects featured in this series are better known than others, all have devoted their lives to making photographs that communicate powerfully to viewers.

These books are a must for every photographer’s book collection. Photographers currently featured in the series are: Lewis Morley; David Moore; Graham McCarter; Wolfgang Sievers; Michael Coyne, Ian Dodd and our latest – Robert Imhoff.  More titles are planned for the future so watch this space.

Each book is 96 pages and 215mm x 170mm softcover. RRP is $29.95 for each title however – buy the whole series of seven titles for only $160 and save $50!

Contemporary Photographers Series



THE LATEST TITLE IN THE SERIES… Robert Imhoff demonstrated a creative brilliance right from the start of his career and he honed it with a meticulous pursuit of technical excellence. He not only gained an enviable reputation in Australia, but also internationally, and he extended his skills beyond photography into the world of television commercials. The photographs and accompanying essays in this book give an insight into the life of one of Australia’s most productive working photographers and film-makers during the late 20th century.



Lewis Morley Photography

Lewis Morley was born in Hong Kong in 1925 and was repatriated to England in 1945. A growing interest in photography saw him begin working for Tatler and other magazines, and he photographed the actors, singers and models who were the 1960’s renaissance in art, music and theatre.

He is best known for his nude studies of Christine Keeler during the Profumo scandal. He moved to Sydney in 1971 where he continues to exhibit and successfully sell his photography.



David Moore Photography

David Moore’s  cultural contribution to Australia's photographic heritage has been included in this updated edition with many new photographs and a recent interview in which he looked back on a life in photography spanning nearly 60 years.

He is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most respected and accomplished photographers.



Graham McCarter Photography

Graham McCarter is one of Australia's leading advertising photographers during the last three decades of the 20th century. Nevertheless, it is Graham’s private work which predominates in this volume. His affection for people - and a deep empathy for those encountering difficult times - have proved the catalyst for many haunting and engaging portraits. Graham's sitters have ranged from the famous to the destitute, but each he treats with dignity and humanity. This volume includes photographs from his school days to the present, and an appraisal by author and academic, Craig McGregor.



Wolfgang Sievers Photography

Wolfgang Sievers was born in Germany in 1913, and opened his first studio in 1938 in Melbourne, six months after his escape from Nazi Germany. His Bauhaus training contrasted sharply with the pictorialism prevalent in Australia at that time.

This is the first published book about a photographer whose work is the finest post-war exponent of industrial photography in Australia.



Michael Coyne Photography

Michael Coyne is the photojournalist whose pictures of Iran, published in National Geographic in 1985, helped show the world the human face of the country after the Islamic revolution. Acutely aware of the power of the picture, Michael has always strived to present a balanced view, often spending months with his subjects in order to create an in-depth coverage.

His proven objectivity with the camera has secured unprecedented access to many people and situations, otherwise off-limits to the mainstream press.



Ian Dodd Photography

Ian Dodd  trained as an artist and a graphic designer, but as a photographer he employs both a subtle eye and an equally subtle sense of humour in his photography. Ian’s photographs exhibit an appealing honesty that’s born of his innate ability to succinctly interpret his environment through his camera.

He has the skill to take everyday objects to mythic dimensions. This book is the only published volume of this very interesting and important photographer.



Ian Dodd Photography

The Contemporary Photographers Australia Series. Buy the whole series of seven titles for only $160 and save $50!